Volunteer With BeastWatch UK

Just Like Domestic Pets, Exotic Animals Can Escape...

As wildlife parks, animal care colleges, children's zoo's, animal encounter businesses, rescue shelters and private keepers will know!

It is a dangerous world out there for captive bred animals, no matter what the species, but there are few support systems in place to support those with lost exotic animals. That is what we hope to change!  We have a growing network of volunteers across the UK with the knowledge and equipment to help us catch and locate lost exotic animals but with your help, we could do so much more! 

BeastWatch UK Needs You! 

We are seeking to recruit volunteers from across the UK. If you have an interest in exotic animals and wish to volunteer with us for the benefit the exotic animal welfare and the environment, then please get in touch by completing our online application form. Available positions include:

Regional Coordinators 

Our regional coordinators corroborate sightings and reports within their region, organising local active members within the area to assist where necessary. They are also responsible for increasing and maintaining membership within their region and for ensuring regional fundraising campaigns are established. 

Active Members

Our active members work with our regional coordinators to ensure the safe capture and return of escaped exotic animals within their region. They are responsible for travelling to locations to track down and actively capture lost exotic animals, by means of setting humane traps and through the use of animal capture and restraint equipment. 

National and Regional Monitors

Our national and regional monitors work to obtain and share reports and sightings of exotic animals in the UK. They are responsible for reporting information directly to BeastWatch UK, to their regional coordinator or to the BeastWatch UK Facebook Group. 

Fundraising Team Members

Our fundraising team members work to raise the much needed funds that are required to ensure the continuation and development of BeastWatch UK. They are responsible for working together with their regional coordinator to develop and promote successful fundraising campaigns.


If you are unable to dedicate your time to volunteering with BeastWatch UK then you can always assist our cause by making a financial donation. We are very grateful for any donations received and no amount is too small! (All funds go to ensuing the welfare of escaped exotic animals and the continued development of BeastWatch UK).

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